Yesterday, I spoke about self build on Thinking Allowed. For those of you who have never been on the radio and want to know a bit more about the experience, what can I say? What I think you really need to know is that although I had a rough idea about what the focus of the piece was going to be, I did not know the questions until about 3 minutes before we went live. Okay, so I have been researching selfbuild for three years, and had a pretty good idea about the messages that I wanted to get across in the 9 minutes focussed on that. And of course, listening back, there are other things I wish I’d said–for example, I wish I had something about the great work that the custom build vanguard schemes are doing–and other ways of responding that might have been more sociologically insightful–including the facts that home is so much more than a financial investment, and selfbuild is not only about owning homes. But there is only so long you can dwell on these things!

So, for your listening pleasure here is the link to my appearance and it is well-worth listening to the feature on evictions: shows what a terrible state housing is in and with what consequences.