Time flies! I can’t quite believe it, but after three years I am now on the final stretch of my ESRC-funded research project, Selfbuilding: the production and consumption of new homes from the perspective of households. To mark this, I have arranged a series of events to take place in the week 14-19th September, including a project exhibition, academic and stakeholder workshop, report launch etc.

Today I am writing about the academic and stakeholder workshop. It will take place 17-18th September 2015, at the Geffrye Museum. The workshop will foreground the development of narratives focused on the social dimensions of the alternative housing practices (in its broadest sense) that are often the subject of our research, but seem to take backstage within broader discussions of alternative housing. The workshop aims to allow space for discussion between academics working on this area and generate some take-home messages about the importance of understanding the social dimensions of these practice that might be usefully communicated to practitioners, housing specialists, and other interested parties in a dedicated session at the end of the workshop. It will also include a focus on the findings of my project through a report launch and the private view of the project exhibition.

If you are interested in participating as an academic researcher working on these issues, you will need to prepare a paper focused on the theme Putting the social into alternative housing to be circulated a week in advance, a 10-minute presentation of the key themes within this on Thursday 17th September. You will also be asked to act as a discussant for one of the other papers in the workshop and actively participate in the generation of take-home messages for practitioners and housing specialists. Please do let me know if you are interested in participating by sending an email to michaela.benson@gold.ac.uk and I will send you further information.

If you are a practitioner, housing specialist, journalist or other stakeholder and would like to attend the dedicated session at the end of the workshop, please register at the eventbrite page for the event.

There is no registration fee; the project will support the cost of the event including catering and the conference dinner. For those attending from outside London, if you cannot meet your travel and accommodation costs, please do let me know as I have some (limited) resources that I could use to support your attendance.