Prompted by an email from a student, I thought it might be a good idea to list here the (limited) academic publications on self build! Relative to other forms of housebuilding, this is a topic that has not attracted a lot of academic interest, although it is important to bear in mind that there is research out there on self build, but this might be masquerading under a variety of different names–self-help housing, self-provided housing, self-commissioned housing, self-provision–and that is not even including group housing projects–cohousing, mutuals, low impact living, community-led housing–that might include an element of what I refer to here, and in my project more generally, as self build. Despite the significant problems of conceptual clarity that I identified in my interim report, there is, nevertheless, some important research out there on self build that is valuable for anyone interested in this topic to consult.

When I first started looking at the topic, I overlooked the substantial body of work on self-build housing in the developing world, believing that the conditions would be so different that the comparison and contrast to the British case would not be particularly helpful. However, the more apparent housing inequality becomes in Britain as highlighted so well by Danny Dorling (you can listen to him talking about it here), I have started to wonder whether it is time to turn back towards this literature? Given that there are so few examples of how this has been successful in Britain, these might be give a sense of how some forms of self-build, particularly those that are government or charity aided, might form part of the solution to the housing disaster that we find ourselves in.

The list of publications below represent what has been written on self build in Britain. It is highly possible that there are publications missing from this list, so if you know of anything to add in, please list it in the comments box at the bottom of the page. In most cases, these are behind paywalls, but where they are not, I have included a hyperlink that will take you through to a copy of the publication.

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