As promised, here is the report based on the first two stages of the project, some of the recommendations for which were anticipated in my last update on the blog and in my presentation in January.

What I have tried to do here is to provide a summary of my research into selfbuild in Britain so far, to give a sense of the state of play as it stands, the direction of travel and some ideas for the future. The report aims to outline existing knowledge of selfbuild in Britain—who is selfbuilding and why; how this is located in relation to the wider housing and land market in Britain—as well as analysing current efforts to make selfbuild housing (in its various forms) part of the mainstream housing offer.

There will be people who are surprised at all by some of the findings, and I agree that some of what I say here has been said time and again; I reiterate these points precisely because despite people making them, there is still work to do in order to resolve some of the (major) challenges to selfbuilding in Britain.

Benson-Creating a nation of selfbuilders