As I revealed in the previous post, over the summer the project has been somewhat delayed while I have moved from the University of York to Goldsmiths (University of London). The logistical and practical issues involved with moving a research grant from one institution to another no seem to be mostly resolved (fingers crossed!) and I am getting back on track with the project.

The survey finally closed in July, having been open since mid-February. The extension of the survey was necessary to gather as much data as possible. The data has now been anonymised and I will be starting the analysis in the next couple of weeks. Alongside the survey, I have been conducting interviews with industry professionals, local and national government stakeholders and self-build practitioners. Among other things, these interviews tell a very clear story about the active efforts to develop the self-build sector in the UK.

Over the next couple of months, I will be analysing both the survey data and these interviews, and will report on initial findings from these stages in the research in January (2014). The findings will be made available as an interim research report, and will be summarised here. I will also be organising a dissemination event for industry professionals, local and national government stakeholders, and selfbuild practitioners. The date for this will be announced shortly.