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The project is well underway. The survey has been open for over a month now, and thanks to the help of a few organisations and the project advisory board, the number of responses has been rising day on day. I am still looking for people at all stages in their selfbuild project, whether undertaking these as individuals or as part of a collective project to complete the survey, so please do visit the survey if you have not already done so. The survey is also relevant to people who have the desire to selfbuild, the URL is the same, but it will just take you across to a separate branch of the survey depending on your response to the first question. Screenshot selfbuild survey

While the survey is underway, I am visiting selfbuild exhibitions. This week I will be at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show at Birmingham NEC. This follows up from my recent visit to the Buildit Show at Bluewater at the end of February. This is the part of the project designed to help me to get a broad overview of how the selfbuild industry is constituted. Over the course of the project, which runs until September 2015, I will be visiting several of these exhibitions, and towards the end of the project also plan to disseminate some of my findings at these events.